07 August 2023

Naxos, not Paros

The weather forecast for the next few days shows ever stronger winds, building up to gale force by Wednesday. This is not sailing weather!

We decided to skip Paros and make for Naxos, giving us the possibility to reach Leros by Monday evening. Leros is the end of the sailing part of my holiday.

Passing Paros

We did not go to the main town on the island, but to a discreet village on the northeast side called Moutsouna. It's another unspoilt spot with only a couple of boats anchored in the perfectly sheltered bay.

Planit Earth anchored in Moutsouna Bay

The seafront consists of a small beach where lots of kids – all Greek, I'd say – were playing, overlooked by a couple of tavernas from where their parents watched.

We had a very nice dinner of salads, seafood and fried vegetables, all delicious. The wine was a little less special, sadly, but the beer was a good replacement.

Moutsouna – Greek or what?

Next leg: Leros.

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