06 August 2023


We arrived at Kythnos on Saturday afternoon after quite a long haul, mostly by motor as the wind is refusing to cooperate, though we did hoist the jib for about an hour.

Arriving at Loutra on the northeast side of Kythnos, where it took us an hour to get attached with a combination of anchor and lines. 

There are no rings or bollards on the rocky shore, so we had to find a rock to loop a line around, which was a big challenge. But through the skills of the skipper, the first mate and a matelot from a neighbouring boat, we managed. I contributed by offering encouraging words throughout the operation (and a bit of elbow grease).

After lunch we took the dinghy to the shore to try out a local taverna and to stock up on essentials for the boat: beer, wine and water.

Sunday morning, we set course for Naousa on the island of Paros.

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