05 August 2023

Corinth Canal to the Saronic Islands

Corinth Canal
The cruise through the Corinth Canal was an experience!
The canal is 6.4km long and takes traffic in one direction at a time, in convoys of several boats. 
We made the tail-end of one convoy by the skin of our teeth. Lucky break, as we would have had to wait a few hours in scorching heat for the next west-to-east run.

It took us 28 minutes to get through.

Our first destination in the Saronic Islands is Aegina. We got there in four hours from the exit of the Canal, motoring most of the way through a slightly choppy sea, but with about an hour under sail.

We anchored off the main town and had lunch on board.

The town of Aegina is a dense matrix of narrow paved streets, packed with small shops and tavernas. The most obvious local products on sale are pistachios and natural sponges.
It's a popular holiday destination for Athenians, who can get to the island in about an hour by ferry. They share the space with quite a few foreign tourists. 

The flags on the boats in the harbour were mostly Greek – yachts, small commercial cruisers and fishing boats – with a number of chartered vessels anchored just outside.

The evening swim was in 32C – both air and water – under the blue underwater lights of the boat.

On Saturday we head for Loutra on the island of Kythnos, our first port in the Cyclades.


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