28 July 2023

Torino – city of Fiat, Lavazza, Martini... and a mediaeval forgery

Turin is an obviously prosperous city, an enchanting blend of history and modernity.

Its beautiful squares, like Piazza Castello and Piazza San Carlo, are a testament to the city's grandeur, and are surrounded by lively cafés.

The covered galleries, such as Galleria Subalpina and Galleria Umberto I, provide a very elegant shopping and strolling experience.

Turin was a prominent centre of Italy's industrial revolution, and its name became synonymous with Fiat, the iconic automotive giant founded here in 1899. The Lingotto building, once a Fiat factory, has been transformed into a multifunctional complex.

I didn't bother trying to see the infamous painted rag in its dedicated chapel next to the cathedral.

Two dinners and one lunch so far in Italy and I have eaten neither pizza nor pasta. I expect that will change at my next destination: Naples.

My train leaves Turin Porta Nuova on Saturday at 1pm and arrives at Napoli Centrale at 7pm.

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